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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gall Bladder and Liver Detoxification Day 02

Yesh that's right! I'm currently undergoing a detoxification process..
The main reason for doing this is to expel gall bladder stones from my body..we all have that stone inside our you know..
erm..quite lazy to explain in detail how it works but basically I have to drink 1 litre of apple juice for 6 days, not eating anything after 2pm on the 6th day and on the 7th day I shall see my 'diamonds' ^^ can't wait!
It's not that hard..just need to control my diet, plain is the best..

ya..this is the apple juice that I need to finish it in a day..quite nice though :) *it's organic*

lunch on Day 01 D:

Day 02 tea time :p

Day 02 fruits after dinner

Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Days Experiences

I was on duty in Midvalley because there's an exhibition pertaining to healthcare that last for 3 days.

This was actually my first time involving in a fair, but it wasn't a hard sell..meaning shouting 'offer offer' was strictly prohibited >.<

The crowd was quite disappointing on Friday itself..obviously it was an uphill task for us to hit the target set -.-
3days target was rm80k (fahneeee~) overall we achieved merely 15% of

Saturday and Sunday were much better,perhaps some of the customer recognized well the fame of eu yan sang..

It was actually a tiring days because I have to explained to customers more than I have to when I'm in my outlet -.- I somewhat lost my voice when it's about 330pm..same dilemma for 3 days =.=

I love to share what I knew to customer, and finally they were persuaded/convinced by me to purchase the products. Definitely an incredible feeling I'll get..& yah..I was actually praised by 2 customers saying that I'm good in promoting as if I'm a nutritionist :p *peace*
I handled quite a lot of 'ang mou lou' too , and among them there's 2 who are actually honey researcher :O
I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself >.<
Reaching the end of the day of Sunday, while all of us were busy cleaning and packaging, a woman suddenly asked for my name and mobile number's that suppose to mean? I was like hypnotized that I gave her but didn't ask her purpose .___. I'm doom ~

From this event, I indeed learned something, extended my circle of friends(which I like the most :p)

Hmm..some 'miracle' occurred when my friend name angel and I were about to go home, this miracle made us able to shop for a while before saying goodbye to midvalley...what's that miracle? shh...secret :p


                                                                  New friend- Angel ~

Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's almost 12am and I'm sti here to blog -_- and I ate something just now..soooo unheathy  T.T

Back to the topic :p  I had dinner with Sean's parents and Janet yesterdat at Six Happiness Garden ^^
It's uncle's 55-yr-old birthday~~~
How did I exactly feel yesterday? haha..I shall say nervous, excited, and heart-giggling...heart-giggling because I'm on the same table having dinner with my bf's parents..hehehehe~~~
We had a lot a lot of mouth-watering dishes such as 'roasted pig hand', melted yam with chicken, salted fish fried rice,fish and many more..For once again I felt like my tummy's gonna explode :O
We chit chatted, jokes with each other..pheww~ :p
Thanks a lot for that delicious but, high cholesterol meal :| haha~
Happy Birthday again uncle ^^ will I celebrate with you again next year? huhu :)

Night folks <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bits and pieces

From the 1st of March till today of my working duration, I've learnt piles of new stuff, mostly about herbs and chinese medicine ._.
I need to have those knowledge at my fingertips so that I can respond to customer whenever they ask..
It's not difficult, but not easy neither ..

Sometimes, or I should say everyday, I'll get myself a cup of vinegar, just to be healthy :p Vinegar is known to have the functions like detoxification, burn fats, lowering BP and cholesterol..Different types or flavour of vinegar have their own outstanding benefits to be used as remedy..

Also, eu yan sang will oftenly organize classes for the subordinates and staff(like me) to attend. Not to hear them babbling but to deliver more knowledge pertaining to the products ,so we, as the pillar of the company can share them with customers and help them to improve their health condition,as well as to be more health conscious.
I think due to this I've already become one of them-able to control my diet, can firmly say NO to fried food, etc :D bravo~~lol
It's a long and tedious process to get my body fully detoxify and recover,at least I'm trying >.<

Normally the classes that they organize, at shaw parade consider quite interesting and caught my attention too..most probably due to what they deliver during class are somehow relevant to what I've learnt during my tertiary studies..and I believe I truly gain an extra edge from that ^^

What do I do when there's no customer in the shop..Hmm...I brought a novel few days ago and I have finished reading it just yesterday~
I find myself only to submerge into the story after reading half pages of it :| anyway, that can be improved :p

So far, we interact well with each other..I like the supervisor here more than the previous one..
It would be much convenient for me if I get transfer back to AUJ..but somehow I don't feel like it, and I believe my stiff manager wouldn't want me to go back there.unless it really run out of staff :|

Sean has started working too, as a barista at starbucks located at lowyat..
Though the time for us to meet has eventually became non-flexible, difficult..I hope for the best that it will not bring any negative effect to us..I pray ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Sunday, February 19, 2012


First time in my life to hike..that kind of really hike..irregular muddy pathway, long yet strong branches, refrshing leaf smell and huge ants O.O when I saw the ants reminded me of my F6 Bio Project which was to collect 25 species of insects..huhu...
Oh ya..forgot to mention the name of the's Saga Hill...
Sean and I reached there about 1020am, immediately we started our journey...
It was my first time hiking, so I'm truly excited !
However, I was like in a half-dead-lack of-oxygen-only lactic acid-girl when I'm at the half of the hill >.<
Since it rained quite heavily this morning, so the road was muddy, soft and slippery..I have to watch my step especially when going down the hill...
I saw a lot of people going up and down the hill, and dogs too..ya..very nice exercise for the dogs huh? But i saw their whitish fur were already changed into brown..haha..they gonna have a nice shower later..
We spent about an hour to reach the so call peak(but no nice scenery to enjoy) and there's already many people put their butt at rest..
After catching enough air and rested, we went down the hill...that time was about 1120am..
So in total we spent 2 hours going up and reached the bottom safely..

Great its adventurous :) suits me :p
muscle cramping* like a boss

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

mouth yes heart no/mouth no match heart

Hurmmmmmm.............It's valentines' day...the special day which I've been awaiting for...
Early in the morning I already can see the gents and ladies have a bouquet of roses in their hand :)
Roses are pretty, I cannot deny that...
If you notice my previous post, I mentioned I'm waiting someone to give me roses~~hehe..
erm, I didn't received them today :')
I'm truly uncertain with what I want? I mean, am i acting spontaneous?helping him saving money by saying ' nahh, I dont need roses?' lolx
But honestly, I'm envy with those ladies with flowers in their hands ~~
I just find it weird and it's a 'shouldn't',for a guy to ask his better half whether or not she wants roses...
I'm mindless and speechless now...
I'm afraid that if I don't head to bed now, I'll think negatively and you know..friction might occur :|
Good night folks~
Happy Valentines.~
Cupid must has been busy all day long~

Seeee?? Isn't it pretty?? The sweetness of the colour just went straight into my heart edge >.<
P/s : Picture above was shared from

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Few songs from By2 that I'm liking it recently~~

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Office Lady

I've accept a friend's offer to work in a company name Luxasia on the 9th and 10th...
It's at the office block beside midvalley..
Quite nervous on the 1st day..bcause it's at midvalley and i do not clear with the route to get there..secondly it's my 1st time to be in this job position....
Didn't talked much on the 1st day...just key in data at my seat...not a tough job..
 On the next day, maybe because my friend was there for, i get to chat more with the colleagues there..
And seriously, english is super duper important...i felt comfortable when communicating in english with my superior and others =)
I worked from 10-6 for both days and they pay me 10bucks per hour...
The drawback of working in office is you need to do proper moisturising deed before start your work due to the air-conditioner for almost whole day..

Another experienced gained in my life..Cheers =)

Last thrive b4 cny ends

On last saturday,..two friends of mine victor and simyang came to pay a visit..
As informed earlier , no refreshment are provided :p psps...but still have some cookies to fill their tummy..hee~
Not to talk much, we played again...the major winner was victor,with new 1bucks notes squeezing in his wallet ;<
Just Your Luck Mooi!! :pp

The next day, me and sean went to pandan perdana where my bestie, swer lie lives...
It's too boring to stay at home, we went to Viva...walked around..I didn't know that place was named as Ue3..great renovation on an almost died shopping centre ~
We stopped at the arcade..played the hammering thingy, slam dunk (my fav) and yeah, the catch-it-or-not machine !
We've tried many many many times on the machine..and at last! Sean happened to claw one of the toy! A pinky cute piggie which look very much like him!!! <3 He's great :p All of us were over-excited..i was shouting when saw the claw grabbed it up!
Haha.....Got to call it a day after sendng swer lie back home =)

Great ..


It was on 3rd feb..ya..few days before cny ends...
Me and Sean went to pay a visit to our friend who live in wangsa maju..
Quite a rich guy who dress up like he's not :)
anyway, quite a big gang of us( 13ppl) ruined his residence that night :P
As usual, we played poker card..ate titbits..and of course,can never live the night with the absence of alcohol :x
We played, we laughed, we drank...越喝越大..from beer>red wine>vodka ..
I drank quite a few glass of red wine, but i knew my limit..i vomitted, and gained fresh afterwhile..
But not for sean ._. he started to越喝越凶..he drank few glasses of the vodka..
everyone tried to stop him bcause he's driving! he's suppose to send few of us back home, safely...
Unfortunately, he didn't managed to do that =(

He went to the toilet then immediately vomitted right after he reached the table...
He was completely drunk..unconscious..
He vomitted again and again..
Honestly, the smell was unbearable :| But I've got no choice but to take care of him..I'm willing to :)
with the help of few friends, I took off his disgusted shirts and left him resting on a bench..
Glad to see him has stopped vomitting, for a while at least..
Luckily I'm already at the conscious state..just a little headache during the hassle ...
The facts I worried about was we can't get home by tonight! x.x gg
left no choice but to informed both his and my parents..pray hard that we wouldn't get canned on the other day :| (thank god we didn't) close enough....

I moved him into the guest room...serving him whole night..treated my friend's house as mine..oh well, i need to wet the towel and ready the bowl in case he vomit again...
Tiring night i would say...but he's more suffering than me..especially when he vomitting..'cause it seems like his stomach gonna get cramp :c heartache*

Tick tock tick tock...hour by hour passed us by..I was always on guard and stay awake in that long long night~~
I can't believe I'm doing this...take caring of someone who's drunk...I don't have the skills and expertise maa :c I guess i need to google this :p

Finally at about 6o' clock..he's getting better...went to take a walk outside the house..
later on we went to mamak stall to grab breakfast, and hot teh tarik for him....

We get back home safely, at last =)
Definitely not complaining over here...just, some memories to live on =)
Friend called me二十四孝女友..sound nice :p