Music Maniac

Friday, May 6, 2011


Actually I do not have the habit of writing when I'm feeling down..But guess I'll just spend a few minutes to confess everything,anything that made my day a cloudy one.

I just don't know why, can't guys out there(including mine) be a little straight forward?
I mean, when someone asked you a question, please reply her(obviously it's me) with at least a 'yes' or 'no'!
don't just sit at there and stare and mind started to think something negatively, something which you think your better half has no longer care about you, no longer love you or whatsoever..It definitely piss her(me again) off but since I have quite a high level of tolerance, I left you alone,for goodness sake. I beg you, please?

When you're down, you turn me down too(which you might not aware of). When I'm down and I feel that you isolated me or maybe you need some personal space, I just had to get a little bit angry and emo. How? very easy, since you ain't talking to me, why should I?

I am not able to carry on due to some incidence...take care readers.bye