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Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's almost 12am and I'm sti here to blog -_- and I ate something just now..soooo unheathy  T.T

Back to the topic :p  I had dinner with Sean's parents and Janet yesterdat at Six Happiness Garden ^^
It's uncle's 55-yr-old birthday~~~
How did I exactly feel yesterday? haha..I shall say nervous, excited, and heart-giggling...heart-giggling because I'm on the same table having dinner with my bf's parents..hehehehe~~~
We had a lot a lot of mouth-watering dishes such as 'roasted pig hand', melted yam with chicken, salted fish fried rice,fish and many more..For once again I felt like my tummy's gonna explode :O
We chit chatted, jokes with each other..pheww~ :p
Thanks a lot for that delicious but, high cholesterol meal :| haha~
Happy Birthday again uncle ^^ will I celebrate with you again next year? huhu :)

Night folks <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bits and pieces

From the 1st of March till today of my working duration, I've learnt piles of new stuff, mostly about herbs and chinese medicine ._.
I need to have those knowledge at my fingertips so that I can respond to customer whenever they ask..
It's not difficult, but not easy neither ..

Sometimes, or I should say everyday, I'll get myself a cup of vinegar, just to be healthy :p Vinegar is known to have the functions like detoxification, burn fats, lowering BP and cholesterol..Different types or flavour of vinegar have their own outstanding benefits to be used as remedy..

Also, eu yan sang will oftenly organize classes for the subordinates and staff(like me) to attend. Not to hear them babbling but to deliver more knowledge pertaining to the products ,so we, as the pillar of the company can share them with customers and help them to improve their health condition,as well as to be more health conscious.
I think due to this I've already become one of them-able to control my diet, can firmly say NO to fried food, etc :D bravo~~lol
It's a long and tedious process to get my body fully detoxify and recover,at least I'm trying >.<

Normally the classes that they organize, at shaw parade consider quite interesting and caught my attention too..most probably due to what they deliver during class are somehow relevant to what I've learnt during my tertiary studies..and I believe I truly gain an extra edge from that ^^

What do I do when there's no customer in the shop..Hmm...I brought a novel few days ago and I have finished reading it just yesterday~
I find myself only to submerge into the story after reading half pages of it :| anyway, that can be improved :p

So far, we interact well with each other..I like the supervisor here more than the previous one..
It would be much convenient for me if I get transfer back to AUJ..but somehow I don't feel like it, and I believe my stiff manager wouldn't want me to go back there.unless it really run out of staff :|

Sean has started working too, as a barista at starbucks located at lowyat..
Though the time for us to meet has eventually became non-flexible, difficult..I hope for the best that it will not bring any negative effect to us..I pray ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012