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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gall Bladder and Liver Detoxification Day 02

Yesh that's right! I'm currently undergoing a detoxification process..
The main reason for doing this is to expel gall bladder stones from my body..we all have that stone inside our you know..
erm..quite lazy to explain in detail how it works but basically I have to drink 1 litre of apple juice for 6 days, not eating anything after 2pm on the 6th day and on the 7th day I shall see my 'diamonds' ^^ can't wait!
It's not that hard..just need to control my diet, plain is the best..

ya..this is the apple juice that I need to finish it in a day..quite nice though :) *it's organic*

lunch on Day 01 D:

Day 02 tea time :p

Day 02 fruits after dinner