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Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Days Experiences

I was on duty in Midvalley because there's an exhibition pertaining to healthcare that last for 3 days.

This was actually my first time involving in a fair, but it wasn't a hard sell..meaning shouting 'offer offer' was strictly prohibited >.<

The crowd was quite disappointing on Friday itself..obviously it was an uphill task for us to hit the target set -.-
3days target was rm80k (fahneeee~) overall we achieved merely 15% of

Saturday and Sunday were much better,perhaps some of the customer recognized well the fame of eu yan sang..

It was actually a tiring days because I have to explained to customers more than I have to when I'm in my outlet -.- I somewhat lost my voice when it's about 330pm..same dilemma for 3 days =.=

I love to share what I knew to customer, and finally they were persuaded/convinced by me to purchase the products. Definitely an incredible feeling I'll get..& yah..I was actually praised by 2 customers saying that I'm good in promoting as if I'm a nutritionist :p *peace*
I handled quite a lot of 'ang mou lou' too , and among them there's 2 who are actually honey researcher :O
I hope I didn't make a fool out of myself >.<
Reaching the end of the day of Sunday, while all of us were busy cleaning and packaging, a woman suddenly asked for my name and mobile number's that suppose to mean? I was like hypnotized that I gave her but didn't ask her purpose .___. I'm doom ~

From this event, I indeed learned something, extended my circle of friends(which I like the most :p)

Hmm..some 'miracle' occurred when my friend name angel and I were about to go home, this miracle made us able to shop for a while before saying goodbye to midvalley...what's that miracle? shh...secret :p


                                                                  New friend- Angel ~