Music Maniac

Saturday, January 23, 2010

During working hours,I...

Guess what I did during working hours...

Eating.??NO! that's gonna make me out of shape..haha
Then what.?!
haha..actually just some simple activity-it's all about reading. xD
Reading newspaper,magazine that I brought which indeed can bring to me a lot of benefits,listening to songs that play at music player made me feel even happier..haha..
Reading magazine,hmm..I can see the way the models who are so so skinny,have flawless skin*jealous*,nice make-up,the way they being dressed up..well,I can copy their style bit from here and there..good idea right.?!! or maybe not! because I don't have their figure and the time to do
Do some quizzes.Like what I just did yesterday.It's about how judgemental am I..and the result i got was I knew my!! That's what I really doing so far..haha

For newspaper, I did the part where I need to find out 10 differences of the picture..It's kinda hectic sometimes..I did 'Hashi' also.means I have to connect all the numbers given using lines..well you might don't get it,,,+.+

I love listening to songs while I did all these..I indeed feel relax by doing all these.when there's no customer especially (:

I read some article from the magazine.Article about way to be more opstimisstic in life.and that's is write down compliments you receive everyday.Read it before you go to bed.It'll help you to get a good night sleep.and it works!!
Today,someone said that I have a sharp nose,and yesterday,someone said i looked like a mix.mix what.? chinese-korean..haha..lmao..xD and my style of shirt.bla bla..i started to practise this habit since yesterday..ya..and i feel good (:

And what I'm hoping now is that I could had a chance to do shopping with my bestie,hunt for those cheap yet nice stuff like studded belt,shoes..etc.
Then I also hope that I can finish my training lesson on driving asap and master the skills..
Wish could do something on my hair..highlight! ya..(:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Driving class + Shift house

Waaaaooo!!! What a day!!
busy like hell!!
Woke up at 630am.Started to pack stuff that haven't been packed yet.
Whole house was like just kena ransacked!! a :p
Well,I shifted from this block to the next block only..which means..same building structure,same room,same toilet,kitchen..butttt!! the one thing that different,totally different is...the scenery!! the scenery is so so so awesome,breathtaking..haha!!
I can now see Jusco,KLCC,KL Tower,MRR2 Highway dy..haha..yay! fireworks for 2011..can watch dy!!*talk till so far*
Higher floor now..from 2 to 12..increased 10!!luckily i do not have phobia in :DD
Anyway,I have to pay for this..
Took out the stuff to be pack.Then took out those stuff to be arrange back..HATE THIS!!>.< have to wait longer for :p

Around 1030am,I gotta move to driving place dy.
Nervous,excited feelings blended..Some scary thought flashed cross my mind too..
uhu..the instructor came dy..he showed me how to act together with the clutch,brek,gear..bla bla bla..drived me few rounds..Then my turn to be the driverO.O
No need to wear seat belt..he said..haha..weirdo=.=
kk..calm myself.adjust my gear..THEN DRIVE!!
*pook!! FULAMAK!! engine die off! what the,...malu betul...aish...i should have release the clutch i get it..
round roumd round the place for few times.can act "3 in 1" dy..then i wanted to try to stop at slope..woot!>.<
first time.engine die off.failed...second time.reverse back.failed...third time.succeed!! HURRAY!..haizz...susah betul..
but you know what..during the driving..I felt that it was the 'boom boom car'(electric one)..the way i turn the stereng,it's like ready to bang someone..haha!! just that this time has brek and gear and hand brek...^^
2hrs lesson.FINISHED!!! nt willing to get down the car..syok d..haha..
anyway,gonna have anothe 2hrs lesson tomorrow.gonna learn parking..mamamia>.<

In new,watching outside view,especially the very big JUSCO words..
will have a good sleep tonight..perhaps with snoring toooo.......zzzzz