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Monday, June 29, 2009

TaeKwonDo Seminar><

28 June...
haha..its taekwondo seminar..
well swer lie and i reached The Weld shopping complex at 815am..
there's no one, only a few guards and cleaners at that moment..hmm its kinda freaky...cos early shop open yet><><...

At930---now its the time for a TALK.."Fire safety"by ppl from NGO which i don really gt it.. they did some demo on using the fire extinguisher..den start to promote the FIRE BLANKET and THE GOLD CONTAINER FIRE EXTINGUISHER which they sell RM388..its actually half from de actual price,u know??!!

At1015--yea!!its tea break!!!we ate BANANA cake and some coffee,milo in jz a tea right??

At 1030---now its another talk delivered by ppl fom Sime Darby..and its about DIET!!!!
In my opinion,the sentences "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" is scary and effective enough in controlling your diet lo..==
for example,you ate a lot of chicken then you are a chicken!!wahahahaah><>

At100---HURRAY AGAIN!!cos its lunch time!!!! the funniest thing was our lunch was actually get wad i mean??we jz hav a diet talk and now we are having oily,fried fast fooood!!!!!!lol><
 its another interesting moment...........its all about knowledge of being a REFEREE....those hand signal,terminologies in korea...arghhh!!all made my head big...


"kal-yeo,ke-shi!!hong kyon-go!!ke-sok!! understand???scroll down for the real meaning..>,< "attention!bow,ready....start!!! "stop,count-time!!!red side getting a warning!!continue!!

now get it??

At415---yea tea break i jz drank some orange

At430---now its the time to sweat!!!
all of us started by doing warming up which included aerobic,anaerobic,static and circuit!!can you imagine??
next,we aeparater into two group as the 1st group is for more the 2nd group..haha..

i learned some new technique in self-defence....and next was sparring means fighting!!
3 fight 1...wowowow!!!!!
well i did get some painful!!!><

At 630--phew~~~~finally!!the course end by presenting certificate..... thing i regret is forgot to take photo wif those seniors cos something unfortunate happened.................................

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Open day>,<



The Last House on the Left...y nt right??lol..that's y hav to watch it><

Ice Age--Dawn of The dinasours..haha..the stupid squirrel

27 June

Wad day is today...??

Bingo!!its open day-take report card la....

haizz...i wonder why we student have to go to school 1st early in the tired>< oni 14 of us came..hmmm..nt bad la..wakaka^^

thats all for the open day..nthg to write liao..\

ARGHHH!!! i wan go watch moviessssss...a lot a lot of moviess.....swt=.="

Friday, June 26, 2009

walau weh..tired>,<

25 june..

yea!! 5 anggerik's ghost house has officially ended at 2.00pm..

wow..the whole journey was incredible,tiring n yet enjoyable><

eventhough we did faced a lot of problem during the operation like table fall,suddenly no electricity but but we still manage to succeed!!!

Oh No...the most most tiring part was the time for us to clean up the mess......

some were incharge in carrying the table from the hall to upper can u imagine how tiring we were,other than keep screaming,making those freaky? sound in the hall..haha==

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

pReparation 4 haunted house...wo~~

24 june><

fuyoo..its such a hectic day as all de ANGGERIKIANS were busy preparing 4 de haunted hse..

the whole gym was stuffed with newspaper,plastic><

hmm...when everything was settle down,it seems like a bit scary/freaky/funky=="

well..we'll see tomorow..

haha^^ i have already calculated our PROFIT!!if every single student in our school visit out haunted hse..we might earn.---800 x RM3=RM2400...wakakakaa>
stay tuned for my 25june post......................................

Monday, June 22, 2009

monday blue><

22 june

wahh..what a nice morning..cold wind blew on this

this morning assembly was damn boring..i'm sure u will agree><..its about the perasmian of Minggu Koperasi..yea!!its time to make money again!!$$☻☻☻

our class was incharge of Haunted House..ngek ngek ngek==

i'm nt sure it gonna be scary or nt..but we will jz wait and see..ok?

lots of preparation needed to be done before thurs!!arghh!!!

bt i'm sure everything will be worthy as it will definitely make lot of profit!!wakaka☻

YBWO water house..==kidding la^^

hohoho..2 more days for transformers!!lol-.-

Sunday, June 21, 2009

haPpY faTHER'S day!!

21 june..
what day is today??BINGO!!! its father's day.. cool cool dad was working....soooo sadddT.T..
anyway..i'll still wish him HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!I LOVE YOU,DAD
now...what should i do??hmm...
yer~~plan to watch movie..<drag me to hell,the last house on the left,hannah montanna...>
and....TRANSFORMERS!!!!wait me!!!
haiz..tomorrow back to school AGAIN..anyway,it's my last year..i should have enjoy u think i can do it??hahaah...==
5.oopm-i watched a great show on tv!!its so touching..its about abrother and his sister with their dog's died because of an accident during winter..chan was so sad till wanted to shooed maeum because of nt taking care his sister==
then the story continued with chan begging for money after joining a 'begging' family..
the head was so cruel and evil..he even let his dog to bite those kids who unwilling to listen to him==
Maeum continued to find chan..its journey was so heart-pitching....
this story ended with the death of Maeum because of diseaseness..

boRiNg DAy......

20 June.. was a boring day..
morning-wake up,then clean myself,then eat breakfast?or i should said BRUNCH?
afternoon-did some revision(sejarah) hard to memorise all the facts!!!help me~~~
evening-went to jusco to search for FATHER'S DAY 's present!!...but,hehe..i'm actually searching for my own clothes..hehe==so bad.....
night-what else to do loh!!..

stupid THIEF!!

19 JUNE..
argh!!!!my purse kena stole....
sorry ar swer lie..'lian lei' u..><
actually we all suspected one gurl...but after all,teacher failed to search any wallet on her BODY...
so sad...i felt so bad of corrupting de class..thx for those who help me in carrying out
U better listen here u thief!!i'm gonna chop-slice-blend you if i caught u!!so you 'seng deng di' la..
hehe..however,i m getting a new purse/wallet or so call bag>< popular card,touch n go,my photo,salon card(lol),taekwondo card,name card..all GONE~~~
luckily my parents didn't scolded me..phew~~~
That's all for 19 june..ish...memang spoiled my mood on that day><