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Monday, May 10, 2010


It is superly impossible for me to detail out what I've saw,I've heard, I've smelled,I've played and I've thought during my trip at Singapore.So perhaps I'll just stress on those tourist attraction that I've been :D

8 May 2o1o

First day of the trip.We arrived at SG around 23opm.This is when we settled the imigresen's procedures at both M'sia&SG's custom.Seriously,this is my very first time to other country(though just neighbouring country),I have mixed feelings in myself-excited because can have myself relax at other country,scared because afraid that the detect machine at custom will BEEP!(luckily it didn't)but it happened on the other passenger due to ONE extra cigarrete on his body*super duper strict!no jokes*

The first place we went to was a temple located at Jalan Besar Town.You might think,"what?temple also want to visit?"Then you're wrong.It is a famous temple that 24 hrs crowded with people from all over the world.They 'menilik nasib' there and it's always super accurate and this has proved on ours.
Out of the blue,SG started to rain.We quickly aligned to get into the bus.Really spoiled my mood man><
Due to unexpected circumstances,the tour guide said we better check-in hotel first,which is at Geylang.ahem ahem**lol...After that we'll head to 'NIU ZHE SHUI' then have our dinner at some BBQ+Steambot restaurant :)
During the journey back to hotel,my brother and I got really excited with those sports cars we've seen!
It's super duper vuper cool!! Wish I can get myself one too in the future :p
Niu Zhe Shui was little bit different with the one at Damansara.First was the currency(duhh),next is the environment..but seriously.I like the one at Damansara more than the one at SG..don't know why...
bought some souvenirs too :DD (manyak mahal lehh)

To avoid long term worry,I stopped converting dollars to should know why..haha...
After a mouth-watering dinner,we headed to MARINA BAY SANDS..There have spectacular view,especially the Marina Bay Sands Hotel itself.I mean the structure is like WOW! a ship-like-open-place on top of the three hotel building.Too bad,the top one isn't open yet to exhibit to public!>.<
But without a doubt,you'll feel amazed with the construction.Isn't they creative? =)
Other people went to Casino,as usual,well the three of us have a scroll walk around the place and have some ice cream to satisfy our taste buds(it's $2 each==RM4.50 each..OMG) haha..
By the time we called it a day,it's already almost 12am.To let this post more interesting,I saw some prostitues along the pathway and it is a LEGAL activity.well,it's normal scene at Geylang.I just wonder why we stayed at here=.=

9 MAY 2o1o

I really beh tahan myself..same thing happened again.Alarm was set at 545am abd I woke up at 625am...lmao!
 We had our breakfast at Old Airport Road.Then, the tour guide brought us to a place that has a so call fountain at the center.People said that if you surround the fountain for 3 times and soak your hand while you surround it,you'll be wealthy soon.Well I don't quite believe it,but I just moved forward and did what the instructions showed.
Finally! We're heading to the place I've been waiting for-Sentosa.The place has Casino,Universal Studios in which has just finished builded,and also SG's symbol-a big lion head with fish body.According to the explanation,once upon a time there's a prince visited to SG.All of a sudden,a fish with lion-head like jumped out from the sea.He was so amazed by this creature and kept on shouting 'singa singa'(I'm nt sure whether 'singa' is a malay word at that age).He asked the people around him what's this place called and they said'pore'..SINGAPORE,that's how the name created.weird~

At Sentosa,I've been to Universal Studios in which the concept is most likely like the Disney Land..
Bought a printed T-shirt for myself(real expensive people T.T)
Without second thought,we quickly ride onto the train(something like monorel)from waterfront station to Sentosa' beaches station..Crystal clear sea appeared in front of us when we got down from the train.I really felt like running around coz I'm just amazed by the view!! One thing I regretted the most was unable to glide on the Gogreen mobil Segway(a motor-like vehicle) to get an overview of Sentosa beach..actually I missed out lots of lots of interesting place at Sentosa because we're running out of time!!Sigh!!!!!!>.<
Back to the place where we gathered just now and officially left SG at 3 sthg..............

Reached KL at 1o3opm,was completely exhausted.2 days time were just too short.Definitely not enough time for hyper people like me to enjoy the place..but what to do..sigh....,.,.,.,.

SG was indeed a litter free country,singaporeans are also well-behaved when they're on the road,to quote an example,they let the pedestrains to pass the road first eventhough it's green light on their side.However,I also get to know that their service charge is 17% that high when dine in(nearly get a heart attack)...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

IP MAN 2!!

5 MAY 2010

 Date : o5o51o
Time: 111oam-3oopm
Agents: Huey wern(Grey),Irwyn(Ip Chun) & Kenny(Pattern)

Day to watch IP MAN 2!!
Actually it's last minute's plan.Thanks to Irwyn TKS.Suddenly asked me 'jom' go watch it yesterday =="
(this people doesn't like to PLAN,that's why)
Alright,he asked to join him,but I'm the one who PLANNED it!! WTH!? nvm..I 'yan'~~
So conclusion was, 113oam IP MAN 2 for 3..whose the third?! yea..the third was irwyn's friend-Kenny.I heard they(irwyn&yanjun) called him 'pattern' apa ni??o.O

Alarm set at 83oam,but woke up at 9oo(as usual if you know my previous post :pp)
Prepared myself,thinking how to get to PAVILION.Honestly,I'm so proud+happy after I knew the way to reach Pavilion from KLCC!! BWAHAHAHAH!!*what? grey,now only you know the way?' "you blow ah"
okay..everything's ready..Waited at bus stop..OOi!!! Guess who I saw! It's Eu Jing Buckethead!(primary friend) Anyway,I only knew he got down at some driving centre.and I knew what is it gonna be already :DD  forget about it...

Reached PAvilion at err..111oam!! See?! I'm still the earliest who reached there..Phoned Irwyn and he said 'beli tiket dulula' Fine lo..I buy first's not a big deal though (=
Haiz..eventhough it's wednesday(movie day) but still need 8 bucks! less 1 buck than usual day nia~~
Okay,both of that orang reached!! ken and irwyn..haha!
Got into the hall 3, seat 3,4,5 :DD 3's my lucky number!! yay! lol eh! and it's 3 ppl today! haha! lmao!
We did enjoyed the movie.Watched Donnie Yen beat those sui yan using Wing Chun!! but everytime they kena whack on face!! OUCH!* THAT'S PAINFUL!!

 Eyes barely open as we walked out from the hall into the shopping this -> -.O
Okay,movie's finished.Now what?!Gee..that's always the question asked whenever finished a movie.
After a deep deep thinking,Kenny said go makan.kay lo,makan.
We went through the food court,spot what people ate.Since Irwyn was sick,Ken said he'll find porridge for him(that was my idea actually).
Great,no porridge.But we found a restaurant which is quite 'interesting'!!!ahem ahem*
All of us ordered set lunch.RM9.90 included main dish+lemongrass+fruits.
Lemongrass were served.Each of us took a sip. Eww~ Gross!!! ><"
Irwyn said it might be some kind of shit drink the staff there collected at the lorong Pavilion and added one stalk of GRASS to customized it!! WTH!!! X_X
As for me,it's like Ginger water......and....I-FINISHED-IT!! BRAVO!!(perhaps I'm a shit woman)ahem*lol
Kenny has some comments on their food-not salty enough :( 
In a nutshell, this is the first time and also the last time we dine there ...lolololol..........

Though the food didn't satisfy our taste bud,but we still finished it.*never waste! wink*
We all took a walk to Adidas,Nike,Converse as Ken needed to find a brand new sport shoe inorder to replace his current shoe( he wore it to school,futsal,shopping!!oh gross!!:pp)*hope he won't kill me if he read this*
Nike,no.Converse,no.Adidas,no..All were a NO!!(maybe he'll find one when he go to night market)-.-
It's already 3 sthg.The weather's turning to windy,means it gonna rain soon..
We waved at each other.I can FEEL~ that Kenny,the pattern(shhh) wouldn't want to go home,yet! LOL! lmao!!

Well,I reached home around 4 sthg..
Online was the first thing i did..(how sadddd)!
And you know whose the first sam pat that chat with me? don't know.Let's name it A.
We chatted alot alot alot of craps~Fuck A!! bwahaha!!
 *btw, I think I've lose myself this few days.Not only the personality,but also the dignity plus integrity and other 'ty ty'..lolololzz..
 However I enjoyed it!! <3
Ahah!! Ken's back!! haha..we also chatted..he on and off and on and off..duhhhhhh..~~
Owh!! Ken knew A too!! haha..what a!@@

OMG!! SAT in front of the labbie screen for dont know how many ages d!
And it's all A's fault!! A made me can't update my blog on the spot too!! F A again :ppp
Well,I think that's all huh I need to write out(to express myself).I'm afraid if I didn't skip the part where I chatted with those sam pat Johannians,my post will be super duper long,'s all crap again.But one think I'll never forget,my mission to strangle Nelson!!(who's that) hahahha!!!!

Bye!*listening to te amo(jz to assure what I'm listening now is worth to be listen :DD)

Monday, May 3, 2010


030510 Monday

You're absolutely right! Today is weekday and normally people will have 'monday blue' which means some kind of feeling inside them where they all reluctantly go to work,school....
For me,today is the 3rd day I've been 'jobless' :p (kay,not funny.__.)
Having great moment with all my buddies last saturday and sunday..
ya..this is called 'zek lok' loL xD

Date : 010510
Time : 10am- 2pm
Venue : Opposite Batu Caves,behind Giant,in a Big Square building
Agents : Huey wern,Yee wen,Swer Lie,Ben Teoh(ben 10)

Alarm set at 8ooam,but woke up at 83o..well this always happen on me.habit i guess..
woke up 3o mins late wor! of course now everything has to be done in lightning speed!
Breakfast,bath,make-up(ahem),choose attire(lol)..everthing settled before 915am,in which the first agent-yee wen will be arrived in another 1o mins.
Pressed for the lift,waiting,then suddenly yee wen appeared inside the lift! Not that she scared me,just the lift went to 13th floor,and how would she appeared after then.??O.O After her explanation(in shaking voice too),only knew that she can't see the number of floor in the lift button.I mean,the number has all faded.(can't blame her,but to pity her that she went thru almost each floor,7th and then 13th) LMAO!!!! xDD
Got into the car and headed to LRT station to fetch another 2 agents-swer lie and Ben 1O...
Swer lie f***ed me that her mobile's time was 8mins slow=.="
That's why when she arrived she looked pale and frust and furious and worry...haha,,chill swer~

Headed to batu caves(not INTO the caves),place where the Metro Carnival was helding.
Reached there after 2omins.First thing I saw was people mountain people sea(can't be the first 200 to receive goodie bags..sob*)
Phoned yi en.She welcomed us by asking :-
Yi En: 'Do you guys wanna buy coupons?Each worth RM2o =)'.
Me: Alright! Swer, I pay for you(because I owed her RM2o top up money)*broke!
Then,Yi En showed us around the place,where's the food department,the entertainment,games,..etc
Ah!! Terlupa! Ben Koh was there too once we reached.! haha xD
We're like survey the place first before deciding what to buy and games to play...
We saw lots of games,to quote an example,"Tame the bull" in which, Me and Swer have decided to give it a try!! OMG! ARE WE INSANE?! THAT BULL GONNA CRACK OUR BONE,SWING OUR BRAIN OUT!!
but you see,lots of xiao di di xiao mei mei gave it a try,so why wouldn't we?plus we both are,were*black belt holder,should have the stamina to tame the bull,shouldn't we.??*I doubt it~~*
Soo we queued.Paid 4coupons which equal toRM8.oo to TAME THE BULL???WHAT THE HELL?
There's no turning back~~
Finally! It's our turn.But I was right after Swer.GO SWER LIE GO!! In fact,I myself trembled too ;ppp
The process,needless to say,was dizzy,felt like vomiting,but we both agreed that it was AWESOME and we're proud of ourselves.!! haha! Have we gone crazy.????????
Ate ice-cream.Sat along the pathway.Some kids looked at us with weird eye contact.Can't figure out why is it
Ahah!!! After the girls have played,It's time for the two Ben 1o to go wrestle around(as in friendship way).
They played GLADIATOR! GANAS RIGHT??!! At last,Ben Teoh won.*clap clap*..clap for ben koh too!!
HOT HOT WEATHER!! can't stop sweating..So we decided to sit at the staircase,watched the charity auction carried on.'Do we have RM100?' 'Do we haveRM175' haha..captured some photos too =)

Coupons running out,we decided to go back at 2oopm.
Ben Koh fetched us back.Real sorry to trouble him..but we can't OVERNIGHT in BATU CAVES right??!!OMG can't imagine sleeping with those bats.shitted on us.and it reminded me of a thriller movie-The Descent >< real freaky show man!!!!!!!
Go back time,at parking lot :- (faced some difficulties)
ben koh: This is hard!
ben teoh: You try reverse and move more to right side.
me,swer&yeewen: (at passenger seat)AHHH!!OHHH!!NOOO!!SHIT!!!
Lastly,we get out from there,but left our 'footprint' guys should know what's that means..shhhhhh~


Date: 020510
Time : 113oam-5oopm
Venue : Times square& Low yat
Agents: Me,yeewen,swer lie,ben 1o,elaine soong,soo yee,cass. total 7.ya...

Alarm set at 83oam but woke up at 9ooam.well,this always happen to me..(WHAT?AGAIN!?DAMN!)
Repeated the same knw what is it. xD
Waited for yee wen's mum downstairs at 1o4oam..Her mum staright drove us which we have reached there within 1o mins!! no jokes!
When we reached Times square,first thing we saw down from the escalator was-lots and lots of yellow ppl(you know what i meant :p)
Me,the organiser(as usual) actually asked my kakitangan all wait at ts main entrance,but all has ended up met at low

Saw swer and ben 1o first.Checked into the room 49..
A few moments later,soo yee,elaine and cass have arrived. We 'hi' and 'hello' and 'nice to meet you' and 'what?!you don't remember me?" all sort of greetings went on...
Need to appreciate the only 3hrs were given,So immediately,we picked up the remote and filled the only 3 pages of song list with Hit songs and new songs and even old songs...who care ~~
We did enjoyed ourselves.The songs that all of us LIKEY was UPTOWN GIRL,I LAY MY LOVE ON YOU~~~
The room's getting colder and colder,and it never happen before.What I mean was previously when I went to cheung K with the almmost same gang of people,it will only getting hotter and important though)xD
3hours,'shuo chang bu chang,shuo duan bu duan',but times flies la..

Mana nak pergi le after that!? ahah! ya.We all went to Sg wang..
Cass wanted to take a picture for her driving license.So we went through Malaysia(Sg wang),Thailand(Metrojaya)..Thank God we didn't make it to Alaska :) :)
Met swer and ben1o back at Malaysia(safely,not plane crushing)lol..
We told swer about what we;re looking for,and she immediately said 'follow me!'
I was like,wow! where's the photoshop she also know!cool!
But,it ended up with all of us ROFLMAOTSCO!!!!!
She brought us to the place to take 'big head sticker'!! she wouldn't want cass to take one of those pictre as her driving license's picture,right???!! LMAO!! xDDD   CHILL LA SWER~~@@

But since we all were outside the shop dy,so we decided to jz take a few photos.
After 'qian tiao wan xuan',we chose a machine.Exchange for token(me,as the organiser did the job,duhh)lol
It's super duper hot inside!! We're like having little war inside.Kept on turning to shift position,shouted at the same time.
Finally! all photos were taken and it's time to customize it...
WHAT?! ALL IN JAPANESE WORDS.??! ALL THE twirl here twirl there word.?? yee wen said it's time for us to learn japanese dy..!! haha! nice suggestion!
Phew~!! after posing here and there,and add love here and there,a BRAND NEW PHOTO WERE BORN!!!lol xDD LIKEY LIKEY!!!!!!

All balik around 5oopm.this is.when the weather has changed from sunny to windy and then to rainy~~

                                               NI XTRA LARGE~~!!! hahahaahah

THE END~~~~~
P/s : First time I typed this lot since ages ago!! :D