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Saturday, October 29, 2011

shOp till drOp

yeah yeah~ happy~ lol... shopped after so long~~
Afternoon mum suddenly announced that some shops in jusco are having awesome sale, main reason is they wanted to clear the stocks...they are going to "migrate" to some other short, 'zap lap' lol -.-'

So So, without second thought (of course Im super excited), I said that let's go have a look later XD and we did.
My first aim was shoes...maybe 'were' :p
I always wanted a platform heels (not the same with what you googled, just in case :p )
At last, I bought one of it and a some sort of sport -like? haha :D
Sad that mum couldnt manage to find one pair as her feet are small and flesh-less, she's too thin x.x

Thennnn, We went to Watson.
We grabbed stuff,picked whatever we wanted, then when foot the bill, TA-DA ! RM122..LOL
I've never ever spent this much in watson! (My dad paid the bill though :p)

erm erm, next I saw a weighing machine, and again I put 2 rm0.20 --ding ding ding~ I was 1xx cm , 4x kg ...
completely different with what I measured few days ago! well, i satisfied with the weight this time, but NOT THE HEIGHT man! that means I've grew shorter=.=" conclusion, I want that height and this weight..LOL
if you know what exactly am saying~~ =X

Stomach already making noise because we didnt take our dinner before coming here (except my dad), everyone satisfied and time to go home,..else, dad's gonna work OT ..HAHA.. Oh, my bro had his stuff too: 2 tee from tropicana life, and one pair of admiral shoes  -,-

ME IS HAPPY!! can't wait to try on that so call heels ^.^o
*sh*t no place to put them..HOW?! lol

<3 <3 Hmm~ how tall will I become? bluek~

                                                                         ops~ saw my size?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15 Oct

So long Week, I'm so over you...I'm in love with your brother..Weekend XD

Yeahh,,It;s weekend people ~.~
So what? lol..Usual routine..tuition in the morning >.<"

I irritated Sean when he asked me question and I acted slumber i think..
Hmm...He showed he dissatisfaction by keeping quiet,,,but questioned me why did i acted this way everytime he aske me question.. I didnt answered him well too.. =(

actually I'm on my way to ampang point to buy a wrist watch for myself...
Can't bear with the quietness and coldness..I approached him first ..
berbaik balik....

Then..after having roti canaiss, it's time to go back...
I was suppose to stop by ampang park station but ended up I went to KLCC....
Something tells me i need to do something to repair our relationship eventhough it's no big deal.....

So, I went there...decided to buy him chocolate as he loves it more than everything ..exclude me? XD
The LRT has some technical problem-.-

anyhow.. I drove to his place~~
I just want to see his bright smile again.....

and hor..I think I'm kinda into short denim skirt :p
I went to check them out in amp point...then when passed by a shop in klcc,was attracted by one that is wore by the 'model' (i forgot what is it called)-.-
too bad,  the a photo ..shhh.......
marshmallow milk coffee~~~

errr nice?? hehe