Music Maniac

Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's almost 12am and I'm sti here to blog -_- and I ate something just now..soooo unheathy  T.T

Back to the topic :p  I had dinner with Sean's parents and Janet yesterdat at Six Happiness Garden ^^
It's uncle's 55-yr-old birthday~~~
How did I exactly feel yesterday? haha..I shall say nervous, excited, and heart-giggling...heart-giggling because I'm on the same table having dinner with my bf's parents..hehehehe~~~
We had a lot a lot of mouth-watering dishes such as 'roasted pig hand', melted yam with chicken, salted fish fried rice,fish and many more..For once again I felt like my tummy's gonna explode :O
We chit chatted, jokes with each other..pheww~ :p
Thanks a lot for that delicious but, high cholesterol meal :| haha~
Happy Birthday again uncle ^^ will I celebrate with you again next year? huhu :)

Night folks <3