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Sunday, December 11, 2011


watched 2 downloaded movies...Love You You and Don't Go Breaking My Heart(单身男女).
both were thumbs fact all the fingers up....seriously...worth watching...
For the Love You was so so so extremely touching that I cried......(till now my eyes still bengkak)
For Don't go breaking my heart..starring by gu tin lok and daniel wu whose handsomeness is non-comparable! >.< Both of them put so much effort to win their lover's heart..thought of one suitable idiom : faint heart never won fair lady.....and i also think that the female actor looks like Gigi Leong...~~

I have no idea which movie to download now....guess I shall continue with my PA study..fml .____.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Krappy thought~~

What's a woman's asset?? erm, hurm, urm.....
yes, I believe the answer you thought of, is the one and only answer we can get..

There are many many many nickname awarded to those flat-chested girl: biscuit, washing board, aeroplane railway(the most common one), bamboo (for tall and flat) lols~ D:
com'on la..give them a break .___.

Should they gifted with this shape, they have to accept it..But 90% won't accept, until they grow and realize that this is such a drawback for them..they found out the so call 'advantages' of having nice assets , look nicer in clothing, perhaps more attention-grabbing...

On the other hand, there are ways and means to improve your physical look.One of it is through surgery:.ya,fastest in effect but riskiest way as well..
I practically watched a video on breast enlargement. From the beginning of marking on the breasts, till the surgeon sealed them back..silicone, is the most crucial material they normally add inside =.= yucks~

I remembered during form5, my bio tutor mentioned that, small is better than nothing..which means, if u undergo surgery, and at last you got to 'chop off' one of it(or maybe both) due to some side effect from the
surgery..HA! that moment is the moment you can't describe with left with NOTHING ~~
nothing nothing..i've got nothing nothing~(the script) lolz..

If you got penny, opt for genetic modification where geneticist will make use of the mRNA at the gene that responsible for breasts' size, inserted into a circular plasmid come from bacteria, then act as a vector to reach into ur knowledge..sounds easy huh? *this question that been targeted did not come out in essay!* GRRRR~!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Due to technical problem..the post will jump from Day1 to Day6 (probably more than 6 days) ...

What done is done ...One more paper to go and I shall get back my freedom...

Did my maths paper2 in illness...erm..maths paper, were kinda disappointing..guess I couldn't get an A- for that,,needless to say A.....*just pray hard that it won't drag my pointer till very low* else, whatever I've got for other subjects are just fruitless..........

Sick sick sick .___. should I thank God that I only ill when the exam almost over? instead of in the middle of the battle..I would die without fighting man =|

Anyway...wanted to watch ALVIN sooo badly!!!! Rar-rar-aah-aah-aah-roma-romama-gaga-uhlala..want your bad romance...! who will be my companion at last? God knows =|

That's all for lazy to type any long ~~