Music Maniac

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Music says a lot about YOU!

Albeit there are plenty of potential singers outside,but I am into these few singers recently...their songs seems cannot to negate from my brain..keep listening to them umpteenth time..
JJ Lin

The Cataracts

The Band Perry

Taylor swift


OutingS ^^

When I :: 22nd December
When II:: 11am-6pm
Where :: Sunway Pyramid + some pool center
Who:: Ck, Mooi, Simyang, Chushen & Ian

Woah!! finally there's an outing with these 'gheyish ass' after so long.
Mooi, the good-hearted driver of the day, was obligated to fetch and send me,simyang and chushen to our destination.Hmm, to be honest., P license holder are more reckless on the road xD
4 of us reached Sunway at 11am(which is sooo planned). While waiting for the other 2 fella, we killed time by eating dimsum at some hawker stall(and it's friggin expensive >< PJ area kononnya~)

Hahh!! All were here by 1210pm.Again, we were bothered by the 'Wh' ques. What & Where to eat =.=
Asian or Eastern ..
An ultimatum to this discussion will be rested out butt at Yip's Kitchen which MooI accidentally pronounced it as Yip's Chicken =.=
Argh...those 6 little tiny dimsum have fully occupied my stomach and eventually made me lost my appetite but just to order a mango pudding..

After a mouth-watering meal, we headed to entertainment area-snooker and bowling area.
tOO bad! no man in shorts is allowed to enter the snooker area.aww Ian..and I wonder why is it so ;<
Alas, we played bowling and simyang topped the list >< ahhh!! No strike for me for the day,not even a spare..wth??
We proceeded to another biceps-triceps-training activity- basketball machine thingy (what's that called?)
Hurm....we being scolded by a fat,shapeless,high-pitched voice lady due to our excitement in playing a temporary spoiled basketball machine. I mean, when we asked for help, she said:' 你们都玩到这样爽了咯!"( meaning we have already threw in those balls illegally,what for to ask for help?) LOL !
and Ck, has a malicious and atrocious act which is stole and threw balls from neighbouring machine -.-"
(scroll down for prove) HAHAHA!!

Our next destination will be a pool center nearby ck's college. We had bubble teas and the ice-blended soursop I ordered was absolutely a big disappointment..LOL..
Hmm..I never play pool before, I mean play it seriously..Once I only learnt how to place my finger and position my body,but never get to shoot in a ball ><
I ended game twice,with Ck as my partner aka my sifu..hoho...:It's OK' was his quote of the day -.-*
It was raining cats and dogs outside when it's about 5 in the afternoon.
Pool was our last activity of the outing.and what did it indicate? It means WE HAVE TO GO HOME .

Got stucked in the traffic wasn't something new in this hustle and bustle city, especially after working hour somemore. After all, we still had a great day,didn''t we? :)


from left to right :: xx,yy,zz  :p

peace ^.^v

simyang is somewhere behind the

yaya..laugh laugh. XD


What is this fella trying to do huh?? D:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

18 what?!

Date :: 24th November 2010
Time :: 11am-8pm
Rendezvous :: heart of the city (Times^2)
Event :: Celebrate 18th birthday

Hah~! Awesome awesome~~!
A thousand thanks to my dearest friends who stay with me all day long to enrich 24th
There's 2 birthday star actually.Me&KaiYung. So, it's kinda different to have 2 people celebrating together,after 17years in my life^^

ahh~ needless to say much, check out those photos ~~ <3

lazy :(

Woah..!How many ages have it been since the last time I blogged?? Nevertheless, I still have a blog xD

Hmm, let's just begin with 2010 year-end holiday :)
It is also equivalent to put a dot in my Lower Six life and starts an absolutely struggling and stressful Upper Six next year ;<
Urghh..let's not worry about all those,yet .I shall enjoy my last 2 weeks holidays before welcoming 2011 with closed

Recalling what and when was the most joyful moment I had, without a question it will be the time I played basketball with few of my friends for just 4 times..and ya, for your information, I was noob in playing basketball before this c:  It's definitely another good skill to learn so for me to spend my leisure hours more wisely in the future :)

To be continue.... ^^