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Sunday, December 27, 2009

First day working experience..

Hohoho!! It's my first day of work in my entire life..
I felt kinda nervous but yet excited.Anyhow it's my very first time and very first experience.
To not late to work,I went there which is Scorpion Silver at 9.40pm even that i am supposed to start work at 10.00am and the distance from my house to there is like only need to spend 8minutes.

First thing I did was what..??yea..clean the door,display glass with detergent..duhh..I was like..huh.?why am I doing this..?then I saw others from next shop also did the same thing.So I said to myself,this is what you need to do here!just be
Ahah!! finish the mopping thingy,now waited for customers to walk in.
Before that,a staff from that shop,who is much more experienced,duhh,since she has worked there for 6 months,asked me to copy the code for each type of accesories.Let me give you
101 is the code for surgical steel,150 is for silver cleaner,code for toe ring is 602..etc..
CAN YOU IMAGINE how sad or regret am I when i get to know that I have to memorise all this number number..???!!*fall onto the ground*
Howeverrrr.,,I managed to memorise all within one day,which is today.I'm proud of myself!!!lol haha (:

Now,was time to do promoting.I mean to serve the customer.
My very first customer,was an wanted to buy bracelet.Of course,it wasn't a tough one because all the bracelet have been displayed.and I sold it!! yay!! @@
As time passes,more and more customers went in.Now I have to act fast and be alert alllll the time.Scared those little CUTE CUTE kids TER-ambil or
Hmm...things that i found it difficult when doing selling was the sell of rings..
Why is this so..??
I have to measure the size of the ring and then choose a suitable one for them to try on. isn't that difficult anyway..haha.and I like to sell rings the most!!
There's customers who ask for couple rings.I showed them.Explained to them.
Some will buy..I like this kind of customers!!duhh..
Some will not buy..I felt disappointed of course.because earn less
Yea.! I sold a toe ring to a Korean customer too..haha..

Lunch time.I didnt really eat.I just bought donuts..12 for 1.50..hahaha...kesian betull..>.<
When there's no customer,I'll read through those code again.Afraid to forget.then I die X.X
Wash or I said clean the silver ring,is indeed another knowledge that i must learn.
I have learnt how to pierce ears..hehhe :p
I have learnt how to engrave name on rings...woot! that was FUN!! i engraved my name on a nice.
It's really a good experience.I'm sure you'll agree with me.(:

Tick tock tick tock..clock strike 6pm..
Time to go home.
wait!! let me recall what i have sold today..hmm..
a bangle, two toe rings,a stainless steel ring,a couple ring*jealous*..and tomorrow someone will come to buy a couple rings from me too!!Hope she come =.="

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My first Job after live for 17yrs..

I'm a worker now! yay!!
Because I found a job in Jusco near my house..
Advantages I got..?? SAVED MY TRANSPORT FARE!! which will cost me a bomb if I really work as a part timer at KLCC.
Before this,I found vacancy at Klcc.At Miss Whatever,Teddy Tales,GIrls as well as Party Princess..And California Pizza too...Imagine i worked in California Pizza..serving

Anyway,the PIC of the shop lots i mentioned just now asked me to go for an interview tomorrow.which is today.
I went..We talked..After i get the whole picture,I agree to work at there..
Which means I'm already employed.
It's 11pm after i finished the interview.
I felt bored.I walked around.I don't feel like going back home now.So,,I decided to ask my friend out for a movie. I went to the cinema.Had a quick glance on the screen.Then decided to watch ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS 2!! which my friend also totally agree (:

My God!! it's only 11.30am after i bought the ticket and the movie was like showing at 1.20pm!! what am i gonna do within this hours.??!! how am i gonna spend it..??!!
No!I'm not supposed to eat cos I gotta leave it for my POPCORN!! YEA! (:
Hmm..Petrosains..??nehh,,,too expensive..
Window shopping..??yerr..can see cannot buy..don't want laaaa..
Aiya! go Kinokuniya la...!reading is good isn't it..??haha..
I read I Love You,Beth Cooper...quite funny..but couldn't finish it as well,,.
You can't ask me,the slow learner to finish up all within 2 and the half hour ba..:p

Alvin and the Chipmunks was indeed another awesome movie!! other than Avatar! both I also like! year..lots of Horror movie coming in!!!favourite!! gotta like it :p
...enjoying our front of us,there were two little kids,i believed,is a fan of Alvin too..they were so so excited when alvin and his brother singing..haha..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I did something dumb
Something that I myself can't even accept
Something that I felt regretted after doing it
I revealed something
Something that kept in my heart
Something that etched in my memory
I can honestly say
You've been on my mind
each and everyday
I wonder if you know that
you are all I think about at night
Instead of counting sheep
I started to think of you
I suddenly felt that
I was brave to face you
Brave enough to tell the truth
Brave enough to express myself
I'm not brave to see your message
your apology
It will make me shed a tear
Hot and salty tear
I tried to control myself
but I failed
I revealed it on this day
not some other day
It will be even more embarass
One sorry one tear
you may count it yourself
I calm myself
faced you in the most rational way
not insane way
Honesty sticked with me
What I've told you
have no single lie
perhaps this is the last time
for me to see you again
You've been honest to me too
You let me know how you actually feel
We let this came to a full stop
eventhough it wasn't a full black dot
but an empty one
What I can say is
I'm sorry I ruined your day
in the very early of the morning
I'm sorry I let you down
but you wouldn't know how I felt either
I'm sorry I scared you
but I just want to appreciate what is in front of me
I'm sorry.....
The day I'll never forget
The memory shall not fade
one thing I regret
I've nothing from you
nothing that could represent you
I regret

A day of Testing my Patience

Why is it so.??

Today was the day where i should sit for my undang test.
Once I pass the test,i'm already near to hold the car :p
However,things has changed.
I mean we did went to the place.We waited with other candidates as well.
All this waiting started at 11.15am.
Soon,the place was crowded.One by one coming in to fill the empty chairs.
In front of us,there is a computer for us to demonstrate the test.I mean do the questions that is likely to come out.We did.We passed.YAY! lol.
One part that's funny was,one have to end the programme once he finish the test.
However,most of them did not know.
So,I have became the one who help them to end the task when one has finished the test.If I do not do so,then they'll never get to know their
It's already 1pm.We'll still waiting.but i saw some trying to leave the room already.I guess they came here very early and were annoyed by the need to wait.No Patience labeled.
*Kurok kurok* yes.our stomach already groaning.but we wouldn't dare to leave the room.why.?cause scared after we step out the room.the system has fixed.then other candidates will have the priority.
*KUROK KUROK!!* sorry,can't wait any we decided to eat first at the kopitiam downstair.

2.45pm..still waiting..wait and wait and wait.A few moment later,our lecture has came to pick us.We have no other choice but to say goodbye.Heart full of frust,disappointed and other mixture feeling.

It's really a day of testing our patience.otherwise,we would have just leave the room at 1pm.   :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

no Monday blue, but an awesome monday!! (:

monday,22 dec

venue : some hawker stall at segambut & pavilion
time: 9.50am-7pm
with : tuition frenz..

woot!!what a monday (:
woke up at 7.45..well you wouldn't believe it.but yes,it's 7.45am..ate a piece of white bread..prepared myself.then i departed from home around 9am! haha..wasn't that a LITTLE BIT early when my friend asked me to wait him at 1045..but just in case i get lost or something it's safer to get there earlier..
as i reached there..hmm,it's really kinda early..cos i don't expect the bus would came that early,the lrt would 'came'that early too..and,i also don't expect i could get to PWTC station that easy.I mean i did not been there before,so gotta ask ppl and it might take times..??

What to do,get over there so so i decided to just go to THE MALL.walked around or get some drink or's better than standing at the station.alone.only wind blow..freaky~~
I went to watsons.bought a clean&clear oil paper.LOL>< went to the toilet twice..just for fun..perhaps i have too many coins to spend on :p

PART 1 (:

AHAh! FInally..needle of 10.45 striked my beautiful red watch..HAHA!! lol.
well we get into ck's father's car then headed to some hawkwr stall at segambut.
hONESTLY,the foot bill part really dropped my jaw.. : ]-] seriously..!!! and i regret-ed cos.i wasted 2 prawn><""..don angry :p
gao dim eating those clamp,fish,'sotong',big prawn.we headed to was quite jam at that time.perhaps too many driver on the road.hmm..
parking parking..time to search for parking space..woot! found it in less than 10 minutes..but whn get out that time..*ahem*

PART 2 (:
AVATaR !! AWESOME!! great movie!! worth to watch!! seriously..hold my breath everytime the 'Jack Sully' tamed those creature in that where their GOd.EYWA.lived..ya mea..??haha
i was indeed stunned by the scenery in the forest..well it's just different from real life..
3 hours movie..long but still great..CLAP CLAP*

*here comes the most interesting part:-*LOL
Mission :Search Car
Type of car: Toyota Vios
Car plate : can't rmb..sthg WPK..mayb.LOL
Agent : ck tan & hw lew
time limited : 15 minutes
consequences: pay another 3 bucks

At first,we were like relaxing to find the car..but then,we felt something wrong..WE CAN'T TRACE THE CAR!! oh no! this isn't good sign!! we started to run..cos we're out of time..!! time limit remember!!
we can't recall any subject that we had passed by when came in..why.??! cos ur brain still left inside de cinema..with Jake more jokes.back to mission..Mg!! can't reli find it..perhaps dah kena tarik by
Oh Wait..!! TANGS,,ya! TANGS! *runnning* to that shop.i mean nearby that shop..OMG! like treasure hunt oni...and the treasure was a car..swt=.="
OH sh*t!! two blurred kiddy still spinning their head.Where izit.??!! ck said the parking lot is 'small' somemore
.......tick tick..time walking.we running.   FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! found it!! we made it!! YAY!!
headed to give that stupid ticket back..WAT THE f***!!  tendang balik! means ..our mission faileddd!!! arggghhhhhh!!!
hw:now what..? ck: what? go pay another 3 bucks la..bubu!! lol

-THE END-      SWT=.=""""""""""""""

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2hrs weren't enough for karaoke ><

YaY! first outing after spm.finally the day has come..
I reached at Times Square around 11.30am.I walked around.I see around.go up the escalator.then come down again.All in my mind was to find a suitable gift for someone.well..I failed.cos mostly were ladies' apparel.and sales were eveerywhere!!

At around 12.20,I met with my friend.Cass and Phoebe.They were LATE! yea! the 'they'..haha..swer and her boy boy lo :p
after they reached,we made our way to Low Yat..register then wooohooho! SING! LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!!@@

This time,we sang mostly Englih songs.but still felt regret.cos didn't have the chance to sing some songs cos it's not in the screen.SO SO LIMITED!!><
We ate.we sang.we laugh.we enjoy the moment.I believed swer enjoyed the most ;p

Straight after singing,we walked around TS.MG! now the place was so crowded.mostly were couples.duhh!
Swer and I bought a new clothes from FOS.and it were same colour..haha..besties what! lol (:

wooot!!its already time for them to check in hotel.ahem*
so we waved and bye
cass went to find her parents while me and phoebe headed to find my gift.*headache*

But FINALLY! I found it! and my problems were solved.
before leaving,we took a few photos.went our way separately..Road Not Taken~~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's have the time of our life tomorrow!!

WOOOH!!! can't wait for tomorrow..cos you know what.??! I'm going KARAOKE
anyway..waited for so so long..finally,my wish will be fullfill tomorrow..yes~! tomorrow at times square..hang out with best friend,go have some tea,chit-chat,,are such a happiness in life..isn't it.? (:
gonna sing lots lots of song until voice change..haha..lady gaga's,miley's,taylor's,avril's,cascada's,kelly.c's..etc..:p

Btw,i believe we will take lots of photo 2ml..ya..will!
soo..see yea my frenz 2ml!! (:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Luxurious Thursday..

hoho..went to BERJAYA Open Day just now..
It was indeed an eyes-opening I believed most if not all of us do not visit to the 11th floor of Times Square,right..??

As I reached there,some graduated students were already listening to a talk or I said a relaxing interaction between us and a Disc Jockey from LITE FM!!
Well,I did not stay with them as I were guided by a hotel staff,showing me around the hotel..the various place in the hotel..and I were totally Amazed!!
The lecture room,the wine-testing room,the pastry,bakery room,and their cafe..and the scenery outside was breathtaking(:
well,however,I still need to think deeply-does it really suit me??or I was just influenced by the environment..hmm* anyway,its jz a reference..:P

Getting down from 14th floor,it took me 10minutes..MG!imagine I really study at there..everyday will take 5% of my time..haha :p
At the main hall,there's a big tall Xmas tree..everyone were bz taking pic..
I was wondering what if Malaysia do snow..Fun!!will meke SNOW BALL,SNOW MAN-poke 2 eyes..hehe =.="

OO lunch time..went to sg wang to the same time simply took
Time to go rains drizzly..walk in the rain..nice feeling.hope i wont get a headache later*

AHH! hasil for today is- a watch..haha (:

Merry Christmas!!٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶ __̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡'

♫♪♪╨╫╦♫♫♫♥♦♣ Jingle bell jingle bell jingle on the way....>>

Thursday mOrning

*yawn~~ woke up at 8.35pm..opps,its 8.35am..:p
First thing I did,was to on my message..fine ==
Next thing,heat up the mee as my breakfast..eeih,did i left out something that i forgot to do.??! yah! BRUSH TEETH! lol (:

Never to be exclude-on the computer.check my e-mail,facebook-ing,download songs..
hey! anyone has nicey song to recommend me..??!!

okay,stop at 10.07am. tata (:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Schedule during the hols!!

17 DEC- go to BERJAYA Open Day..shun bian go Times Square(:
18 DEC- go to TARC Open Day..MUST decide the college and course to study.or else will live in
19 DEC- hang out with friend and her bf.??skating.?and I'm alone...sad:( lol..haha
20 DEC- hang out again..?karaoke..?and I'm alone AGAIN..?? lagi sad;( lol..hehe

Following days- should be packing all my stuff ready to shift house.OMG! sure huru-hara one!!
certain days- go out with those who has promised on me..??I doubt it-.-

24 DEC- anyone going to countdown 4 X'Mas.??!! call me call me!!never go out to countdown b4..seriously ><
25 DEC- anyone has exciting programmes to do on X'Mas..??!!count me in!!@@
26 DEC-hmm..should start to go find job..where??what??who?? wanna go with me.??!call me!!haha..^^ $$$$$$$

Driving lecture..broom broom*

Had my driving lecture yesterday,16dec,with Swer Lie..
haha..2 new drivers gonna born soon..counldn't wait for the day to fall!!
the lecture started at 10 sharp.ended at 2.45 sharp.
all i can see are malays.malays and malays.only 2 of us were chinese..but who care.?=.=
the lecturer was humourous.kept on saying jokes about pemandu nowadays.or else,i would fall asleep instantly.but i wouldn't dare to do so as i were sitting right in front of him.RIGHT IN FRONT!!

We felt excited,not because of the lecturing,but when we saw the L learner driving around that they parked their car,going up the slope etc..wondering when i'll be doing the same thing like year.??nooo!!!it's kinda late..!

Finally,it ended.Eyelids felt heavy instantly.
We got a CD bout the undang test jz to get used to the colour blind test the most!!I did it all.and i PASSED!!haha..
hope the same thing happen on the real i wouldn't need to pay again to sit for the test!*expensive you know!*

Journey to IPOH..

Place : IPOH
Time : 10am-1pm
With? : Parents la
Objectives : (i)visit my aunt
(ii)eat local famous food
(iii)relax myself before sit for chinese paper....

I have to admit it that,journey to Ipoh was indeed a boring one..looked to left,looked to right,only see trees,hills..luckily I have my playlist!@@ lol..could not survive without it!hehe..*lets have the time of our lives,like this no one else around~~~!!!singing..<3

BUT BUT!I failed to achieve the second aim as i mentioned!sad!>< too many seats.gee..!!

Journey back to KL..a boring one quiet during de whole journey..wonder where did the sms-king went to._.


Wednesday sunny..

omg!!can't you believe it..i continue my blog after er..5 months!lol..sory ya blog..hehe
okay,shall start with er..battle during SPM ba..hmm..well..those days were really struggling,suffering,torturing,and all the -ing ing..I'm sure all my comrades outside did agree with me huh..??!
Finally,the day where all of the candidates await for-the day where everyone will go home to burn their books,papers,school uniforms etc.and go out for celebration either..our plan did has some changes.which means at last only 2 ppl going(me n soo yee)+ deidre..we ate at the Avenue K FOOD COURT(what?!finished spm eat at food court?!)haha..anyway,i received a belated birthday cake from deidre! THANKS YEA!@@

the day ended by finishing our food