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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REd Riding Hood of THE dAY

Date: 31st Jan 2011
Time: 11am-8pm
Red riding hood(female): Me,swerlie,sooyee,elaine,yunsun
                        (male??):Sean,Kaiyung,junyao,hanjo,weilun,xinliang,'zhang zhi cheng'.co-starring:bear.
Venue:Heart of the city
Theme: RED+BLACK or either one

Before setting our foot to the month of February, we had an awesome+stunning outing with all of us wearing sharp red apparel in conjunction with CNY =)
We kicked off the day by torturing our throat in k box, high pitch song was represented by MariahCarey's Without You, while low pitch songs...errr...a lot xD

Next, we made our purse bleed by awarding ourselves with some clothing, sunglasses and bag...
But still, the most abundant of items we had were photos!~ Photos captured that used up/exhausted my lovely reddy camera -.-
(from left)swer,yunsun,elaine,sooyee


ky and sean 



gangsta ;<


pRO angle xD

reli nthg to do -..-

the day was still not a perfect one,for me......