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Thursday, July 28, 2011

fOOd Omg ^_^

My school had organised Hari Koko today..who cares what's actually Hari Koko..what really matters was we form sixes were going to sell refreshment today..
food that we were going to sell are: Satay,spaghetti,french fries and crab balls,Cakes and Float ^^
All of the department have gained its profit (thank God)..Me who incharged in Float has sold more than 100 cups of it.Evidence? we needed to use plastic bag for float order from students since the cups have finished ^^
Feel so sad because wasn't able to get a bite on satay :( crab balls were awesome!

Now, the important point is there were still many spaghetti leftover~the noodle especially...
since no one was taking them back..I da bao few packets to bring it back home, decided to make my own sauce instead.. :p

So then me and my brother having a great time in the kitchen.........^^
seriously it taste way awesome :p bluek!

                                                                    Chef Ivan
                                                                 mY  dinner for your information..AHHA

Sunday, July 24, 2011

rOck the hOuseee!

Jet Lag by simple plan

In the ayer by flo rida~~ fuh!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


下一次,我们一起去在Lot10的jackie chan's cafe。



Thursday, July 14, 2011


#cut wrist,hope for die#

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red 0kra

0hmig0d...I just can't wait to witness the brand new appearance of the red 0kra! >.<
Strictly speaking, I've planted most of them since last April! O.O and only few of them survived >.<
It disappointed me, needless to say....
I've done my job, my routine- water them during recess or after school...
watching them transform from a quiet seed, into naughty young shoot and now, perhaps still at the teenager stage..
Pumpkin was one of my biggest despondency T.T It grew very very very well at the beginning..with big green leaves...maybe due to the 'munching' of ants on the leaves, they have R.I.P ...
anyhow, I put effort still onto okra, and chillies...
come on vege, GROW !! BE STRONG !!

Both on the sixth day of seedling ....
Life goes on....
To be continue.....

Wrapping's done!

wh00h00~~! I used err 1 and the half h0ur wrapping and writing a card... :p
I got to admit that I'm sucks in wrapping =.= ( but not square shape)

Hope he likes it...we'll know tomorrow ...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


am in l0ve with this few s0ngs...pr0bably they suit me well.. :c

Hey stranger how you've been.....

                        h0w c0me when I reach 0ut my finger, it feels like m0re than distance between uS


                                                                     害怕痛, 但又想牵起手。。


For once in my life I get to step into parliament today..It was an excursion organised by Form Six teacher,for our PA subject,wish to enhance our knowledge on it besides to grow interest in each and everyone on this famous for its boringness subject~we departed from school around 11am and were asked to enter the dewan negara quietly..the place was damn cold and everyone of us were shivering.this worsen my difficulties in breathing.what the hell...
Those politician were already on their so call forum by the time we seems like many concerning issues were being discussed,asked for agreement and so forth..sooner,some of us lost interest in paying attention to their speech..from my observation,some politician was very serious when he talked,some paused a lot which is quite a nuisance for me,one female spoke like there is no full stop,faster than the bullet train it seems..sitting inside there for an hour made me cannot cough out,we were invited to visit the dewan rakyat.the one where display fights,shouting,even body language.everyone knows about it...unfortunately,the upcoming persidangan will only held in disappointed us bad haha...After the question and answer session,its time to bid farewell..not to forget to capture photos as of my friend was so not kiasi!he kept mentioning bersih=.=
About 130pm we started our journey back to school,which is like 15minutes distance?
Everyone seems plus a headache..why am I becoming so weak these few days??
the two of us didnt talk much too.i wonder why....
#when all you want is silent#

Trustworthy&Vinegar :O

Nahh..not talking about the vinegar you use in cooking..It's the one where every yellow creature in the world will experience..-jealousy :O

I did think we had a draw in this issue last night..

You weren't that glad to know I have added some particular guy in FB.
Said this action has shown my interest towards him..what the crap. He is your 'daughter's bf'!
I only have you in my eyes now, can't you see it??
I sensed that you are still unhappy because of this. can I ignore this?

Then, jealousy found me as well...
I saw you liked a picture of your ex, and you didn't even like mine..? that denim shorts is from you.!
I merely heard fragile heart broken into pieces, again. and I really want to scream the hell out at that moment! too over huh?? I don't think so.

#When you forget her, don't you dare to remember me # something abstract that every couple cannot afford to lose...
and I lost it on 6 July...
I lied to you saying that I lost in the badminton match. and I weren't able to tell you the truth that night as I were sleeping super duper soundly since 730pm=.= or maybe I didn't realized, it can cause such a big matter between you and me. The next morning, you urged this issue up, again,.felt your isolation.
once again, I myself becoming more and more ignorant already. Not that the amount of love from me to you has decreased, it's because, I have no intention to lie to was just because of my playful thought....and I apologized a lot.... you said you never trust every single word that come out from my mouth again,I was stunned.fell in despondency.....what else I have or how do I maintain this tell me.........

worth it?

I didn't know that myself was actually a person that emphasize a lot on special occasion- valentine's day (every 14th of the month), our anniversary (of course)...

I put a lot of effort everytime I choose present to give it to you.whether to give you something cracks my head>.<

Like today, I spent almost an hour in choosing suitable present for you.for upcoming thursday..
I do not feel like it's a waste of money nor time. I just want to give..from the bottom of my heart....

Tell me, which girl never wish for a flower from her other half??
I don't mind,really don't mind for not receiving any present from you.but, I hope I can receive flowers from you,someday...before it's too late.....

I can't bake, not really good in craft, i'm just that sucks..I know something handmade is the most sincere gift ever, but, I just don't have he ability...sorry to say.....

Anyhow, wait for my upcoming present ba... even it might be something minor for you, but it meant a lot to me....and please don't ever tell me ' you don't have to give me anything during any occasion, it makes me feel guilty because I don't give anything in return'...again it slashed my heart that moment......

# you broke my heart, but I still love you with all my pieces #

The Edge of Happiness

This incident happened about 2 weeks ago..but I can still remember vividly..because it has slashed a piece of my heart's flesh...

That morning wasn't that perfect for me. My mood and behavior have changed 180degree that morning.I can still recalled the time: 6.55am..
As usual, I was waiting for his arrival^^ full of anticipation...
However, all my anticipation, excitement were broken into pieces, when he started to show his temper in front of me, due to his failure on searching his ruler =.=
At that moment, the usually patient me, wasn't that patient anymore. I mean, this time, I totally have expressed out my dissatisfaction and anger because of his way of treating me.! in short, I exploded., just like volcano..BOOM!~

I went down to the assembly, isolated myself from others. I really unintended to open my mouth to speak to anyone.I afraid I will, you know, !@#$@#!
Returned to class, until 3rd period of lesson. when I wanted to use ruler, SURPRISINGLY his ruler(may be his or may be not), lying in it! I'm like WTF??! Goddamn it! WHAT A PRANK??!
because the morning itself, he asked me whether or not I have it, accidentally or deliberately. I answered, NO, i don't have it.confidently..

Normal human behavior will be, return the stuff to its owner, right? so I did.
Unfortunately..this kind of added to his frustration. I wonder why..okay maybe I'm at fault too, but, come on, it's JUST-A-RULER! because of that almost-everyone-in-the-calss-is-using-the-same-ruler, you simply showed me your temper? HUH?

That Friday, we did not talk to each other...until..... messaged me...the two words that I wouldn't want to see the most, appeared,even it's just a question asked from you, not a sentence nor decision make by you. still, it hurts...
I, made a sentence showing agreement about your question.eventhough how reluctant I was.
Rolling myself on the bed,cried my heart out.,online to kill time..until 2am, then only I managed to close my eye lids...woke myself up at 530am, with triple eye lids..feeling I wish I need not to go to school on that saturday morning.....because I rather not seeing you, than only seeing your back......
I felt weak at that moment...breathless....

Trying to occupy myself with activities, after running for 5km, I played badminton. Hit the shuttlecock as hard as possible.(sorry for my innocent friend).. Till the moment you messaged asking whether or not to go tuition together..surprise? a little. sadness? increased. heart soften? a lot. Final decision? NO .
I replied am not going to tuition..the reason, I just want to be quiet for a minute..I want to learn to be independent, when you are no longer by my side ...

Sometimes, you planned to eat rice, but you can't resist the temptation of curry mee, so you opt for curry mee at last ..
I planned not to go tuition, but I can't resist myself after you texted me that you wish to see my presence at tuition centre..I went.......
embarrassment? never..because your calling, your face,moved my step towards you again....
This was definitely not some drama script..we bid farewell to each other after class..I walked towards east, you went north...
two hands in pockets, head down, tears rolling,decision playing in mind, heart mending every pieces  inside..
A quick turn 0ver, a fast walk, searching for you, found you easily in popular....approached you, hit your shoes.asked for forgiveness with regretful for agreeing to break held me, but failed to carry my head up because I wouldnt want to let you see the ugly me with tears.....

We're fine..........

# What do I do when the one that broke my heart, is the only one that can fix it #

Monday, July 11, 2011


Blog's Dead Updaty :D

anyway..current favourite song ^^