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Sunday, August 2, 2009

me,jack jack and smartie pants balloon from junior..the chocolate.?in my stomach!!

gotta send jack jack home tomorrow..==..
so now better take more photo with 'him' smartie balloon from lovely junior♥..the chocolate? my stomach!!!
digesting..salivary amylase,pepsin,

after party at SERI MAYA##

1 AUGUST 2009

6.10pm--reached seri maya condo and met with hana><
priscy and jesse came out to bring us in cos they said the guard very 'mafan'haha^^

Seri maya condo is such a cool,nice place!!!!i passed by this place everyday but don;t know the place is that awesome!!@@

after enjoying food like sushi,mee,biscuits,rice and so forth..we went to SWIMMMM!!
su min,savina and i were actually hesitated for a while whether to jump into the pool or not..but at last,we all couldn't resist the tempting and were all JUMPED!!@@

the pool water was so cold and i was shivering non-stop!!su min and phoebe tried their very best to teach me how to swim but failed..haizz><*so jealous when i saw all of them swam like a fishhhhh..*sob*

we spend like half an hours in the pool then came up after that..
before going off,we cleaned the function room,take somemore..wakakaka^^

A night with jack..*sound so wrong***><

31 July 2009

ouu...last day of sad><..cos this showed that SPM is nearer and nearer..ahh!!! i brought JACK home!!! excited..cos i never rear a hamster tat kind of know la^^

i brought jack to tuition,so i think he must have learned something in sejarah class,chemistry class and physics hamster!!@@

after reaching home from tuition,i bathed jack,feed him,and played with him,of course..gotta appreciate the time with wrong again=="haha

hamster is really cute..hmm..i think i'll buy my own hamster straightttttt after SPM!!and..and name it as................HAIRY MUSHROoM II!!!wahahahahaha